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Universal Spares

Fill Hose 1.5 Meter Hot or Cold
Universal fill hose

To fit most washing machines and dishwashers

Washer Magic
washer magic

Washer Magic helps remove odour-causing residue from areas seen and unseen in your washer. The easy to use, liquid formula leaves no powder residue behind. Washer Magic cleans, freshens and maintains machines performance whilst removing hard water stains.

Fill Hose 2.5 meter Hot or Cold
universal fill hose

To fit most washing machines and dishwashers

Dishwasher Magic
dishwasher magic

Dishwasher Magic cleans by removing grease, food build up and unsightly stains. Freshens by leaving behind a fresh citrus scent. Maintains by eliminating limescale and mineral deposits that clog the dishwashers operating parts.

Drain Hose Extension
Drain hose extension

The easy way to extend the length of your drain hose. Just add this kit to the end of your existing hose with the connection and clips provided and it reaches upto 2 meters further.